What Do You See In Me?

Andres, my little Mexican,
What do you see in me?
With a mind so bright and a body so smashing,
You're so out of my league!

Every time when you are near,
My body is not my own.
Just like when you take control,
I love it, always mind blown!

That is not what I meant to say,
even though it is true,
If you watch closely, my tailbone wags,
I too excited just seeing you!

When you asked me out, I kept a straight face,
I cannot be looking dumb.
In my mind, I am jumping for joy,
A rockstar wants to teach me drums!

When we got close, I started to see,
Less of the rock, more of the star.
I did not know that he really is
The sweetest person thus far.

Today, we are far apart
Though you are always on my mind.
I captured the good soul in my heart
Babe, our lives are now intertwined

"I do not have much to give
But babe, here is my heart…”
It is so much more than you think
It is a work of art.

For the one that truly has nothing is me,
You have given me everything.
A piece of you that finally completes
The puzzle of a life, me.

All I ask of you now is
Babe, you need to be strong for yourself.
I hate to know things are not well
When I am not there to help.

In the terminal, when we were to part,
I held you tight and could barely let go.
I felt like a part of me was gone,
I lost a beautiful soul.

I want you to live happy, strong and free,
Even without me around.
If I could be a little selfish,
You must remember me deep down.

I am just a boy with a dream,
Not useful, not much to give.
So Andres, my little Mexican,
What do you see in me?