Blog Post



Has anyone dropped by the Valeons’ blog lately?

Remember how blogs are the 'in' thing? Everyone had one. I was visiting all of your old ones that have been abandoned because I wanted to see how and what everyone is doing. It's been a while and none of us writes anymore.

We were so unoriginal with our blog designs - we took a pretty and cheap-looking skin, pasted it into the coding box, customised the content and added cute effects to our blog that are so bloody cheesy - but I always enjoyed reading your posts. Some of us were blatantly honest while others were passive-aggressive but we knew who or what one was writing about unless it was a post so dramatically depressing - every teenager had at least one of those.

I heard some of us are doing pretty well while a few of us have completely strayed away. I, for one, enjoyed my time in JJC and being a Valeon even though I did go through a phase when I decided to bring up walls and shut everybody out. Now, I want to hear from everyone again. What are you up to these days? What are your dreams and aspirations? What are your plans for the future?

I'll start. I have been busy. I found a temporary job and I have been in commercial insurance for a while now but I have also been taking night classes. I found my passion in telling the truth insightfully, interestingly and involvingly and I have kick-started my journey as an advertising creative. It is only the beginning and I cannot wait for my story to unfold. I am probably one of the last few to get into university but I have finally earned my place in a good school and the real work will begin very soon. I have already targeted some big agencies and a few smaller firms to be an intern at and eventually score a position at but who knows what is going to happen? My story always has interesting twists and I am really excited to live that life.

Your turn. What's your blog-worthy story?

Stay Strong.