Well, sick in bed almost all day today and I have yet to progress with my Crowbar entries. After not picking up anything from the D&AD New Blood Awards, I feel demoralized and jaded by this whole programme and I started to procrastinate. I don't even feel like working so hard for the Crowbars as it isn't really worth the time or the money - after all, it looks good on paper but c'mon, who knows what a Crowbar is outside Singapore?

Anyway, while I was procrastinating, I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos that made me realized that music that tells a story are those that I would keep watching over and over again. Yes, a catchy tune and nice visuals attracted me to click on them too but those that had an insight and a story to tell were the most believable.

I want to learn how to tell a story. What makes up a story and how do you craft it out? So far, I've learned that a strong insight is essential. You need to convey a human truth in order to capture the hearts of your audience. If there wasn't a truth to connect, why would anyone waste time to watch your videos or read your articles? The target audience needs to be able to connect to you emotionally in order to be interested in what you have to offer.

I watched Maleficent yesterday and I really liked the way she told her truth. Of course, what made it interesting was the intertextuality component - someone said it was very similar to Wicked, the Musical which I have yet to read or watch - but that was just a technique to tell a story in a different way. I really liked how she was honest with her story. At first, I thought this is going to be a dark and grim setting but no, she showed her true personality in the story which consisted of not just her vengeful spirit but also her not-so-dark sense of humor as well as her human self which carries a lot of positive emotion. I especially enjoyed the part where she said she is both the villain and the hero in the end and that is a truth well told.

Back to reality, I am now seeking a human insight to work on for my final module project. It's such a vague topic and I find it tough when I am given a brief that gives me so much freedom. I really hope I come up with a strong insight to tell a story with my less-than-sufficient design skills because A, I want to add something new to my portfolio and B, my mentor is Felix Ng, a CD who is very well established in the industry and I want to leave a mark in his mind so I can feel like I can make it in Advertising.

Fingers crossed.