Ashy Purple

I have always said I will stay true and not change a single thing about myself but for some reason, I wanted to colour my hair.

First, my mom, my sister and I walked into Watsons like any other day - a thing we love to do because this is one of the only places where you don’t have someone trying to ‘help you look for something’. Both my mom and my sister figured I really wanted to change my hair colour when I was hovering about the section where they placed the hair dyes. I was also terrified of my hair being ugly and I felt so much resistance to picking up even a natural brown so my sister took a box and paid for it while I was worried like a parent. We went home, tried to dye my hair and because it was for people with grey hairs it was an anti-climatic failure but then again, we have never done this before.

Next, my classmates decided to have a stay over in school to watch movies while we dye our hair crazy colours. We were talking about what colours we wanted for days and this bad-ass girl who is also the ’hair colourist’ here said we all should try a really light silver which will darken over time into an ashy purple. I really liked that image but I was too scared to do it. My friend did it and it looks so damn hot! It was a fun night though as I also had to submit my final project the following day.

Lastly, right before I moved to England, I finally grew some balls to do it! I got my boyfriend to do it for me since he has done it a few times and I trusted him to make me not look like a troll doll. We got some cheap and good stuff and started bleaching my hair. After two bleaches, my stubborn black hair was still dark, which wasn’t suppose to happen. It was really frustrating as we have to keep bleaching and testing and re-evaluating what we should do next while being fully aware that my hair might all fall off at some point. After £35, 5 days and over 8 bleaches, my hair went from black to red, orange, yellow, blonde and finally to this ashy colour that only has that bit of purple showing.

Well, it was a risky experiment and although it was fun and I now have really sexy hair, I’m probably never doing this again. It’s too exhausting!