Would You Rather Be Honest or Polite?

Would you rather be honest or polite
When I ask for your opinion?
All I hear is ‘really good!’ on a daily basis
But how can I then improve my work?

If I wanted to hear fluffy things to feel good
I think I’ll go to my mother
Even she would tell me stuff she thinks
That’s just slightly bothering her

Would you rather be honest or polite
When I ask for a place in your office?
‘Unfortunately, your application isn’t successful.’
But wait, how does luck define my odds?
If you simply don’t see me fit your business
Don’t be polite and tell me I’m a strong candidate
For I am itching to know where I went wrong
I rather make a change for the better

Would you rather be honest or polite
The next time you’re asked if you’re okay?
Although people tend to fall into routine
But I’m asking because I care
When you do have things too stuck in your mind
And you wish someone would hear you out
If it means I can give even the slightest relief
I’ll be more than happy to listen

Would you rather be honest or polite
When you find yourself in a situation
Where a potential connection that could be the bridge
To that massive break in your career?
Some things he says you can’t agree with
‘But keep him jolly, I just need a number
I’ll hide my true self and get through the night
It’s not like we’ll meet for another.’

What you have failed to realise is
You have just sold your soul to greed
There’s nothing more precious or cherished than
Being yourself instead of conforming
That bridge will eventually find out
That your purpose was not sincere
If only you were genuine and found a friend
He might choose support over slander

Would you rather be honest or polite
When you take your chance to meet Mr. President?
‘There are still several issues to be addressed
But he’s the President and that’ll be rude to say.’
This brave, young girl, she won the Nobel Peace Prize
Told Obama he should stop flying deadly drones
She then went on Ellen and was commented on her act
“It’s important your message goes to the right people.”

In my eyes, honesty is politeness
My intention isn’t to offend
But if you get hurt by the things you hear
There’s another thought to ponder
The rest of the world will say many things
They include the bad and the ugly, right in your face
If you stop taking things so personally
You might see another perspective

Next time when you're faced with this dilemma
Ask yourself before you answer –
Would I rather know some brutal truths to work on
Than a bunch of words to make my insides flutter?
To those who still think the latter is desired
Allow me to pass on some advice
Give yourself the next few years to learn
Brutal honesty will help you mature

Would you rather be honest or polite?