Why I Love the Rain

I love the rain. I feel immense joy when the rain starts pouring. The moment when the sky starts to get dark, I feel a fantasy play about to start and I am the main lead. Nobody is watching as the umbrellas compartmentalize people into their own spaces but that is what makes my play so fun – I am free to do whatever I want and no one will judge me.

In my head, I no longer walk. I would be dancing and prancing along the pavement and it would be a happy song that I am singing. The wind harmonizes with my cheerful voice and there would be so much movement that I would be drenched but still very comfortable, without a care in the world.

There will be moments when the rain gets terrifying or a little too overwhelming. This is when all the twists and turns come in. The rain became so heavy I have to run for cover and stay at one place for a while. Perhaps it is here I meet a stranger. We share our stories, laugh at each other’s mishaps and surprisingly, everything feels better than fine. Life is good, so good that when the rain got a bit lighter, we would decide to walk together for a while instead of skipping towards where we originally headed.

Remember as kids, we all loved to play where water is flying in from every direction? It was crazy fun but as we matured, we grew to hate the rain. I always found it strange people thought the rain was a nuisance because a rainy day is always an opportunity to do something different from the daily routine. Maybe today, I am Sinbad the Sailor and perhaps tomorrow, I will be Fanny Brice. I might even meet love and appreciate a rainy day together at a coffee place. 

I hope they have good coffee and cake.